Neva Groupís strategic technology and custom application development services are tailored to meet your companyís unique requirements. In todayís competitive, global and inter-connected economy, we do not believe that one size fits all. We have successfully designed, developed and deployed 100s of custom application solutions for our clients.

Over the past three decades, clients have benefited from the best practitioners in the IT industry who have gained considerable experience and knowledge to create solutions for standard but critical business processes. The IT industry has also recognized and implemented solutions based on best practices which has benefited organization small or large, private or public. For example, email software, web sites, cell phone usage, ERP solutions have transformed billions of consumers and millions of businesses all over the world. We feel that these tools have been accepted globally because IT industry provided solutions based on good understanding of business processes and user behavior and expectations. These solutions highlight the benefits of clear understanding of business processes and actual practice of best practices. Additional benefits include consistent experience, message, and implementation, training for all users.

Software Architecture
Requirement Analysis
Business Process Analysis
Application Development
Solution Integration
Application Migration

Neva Group offers cost-effective, high-quality, and on-time services to clients. Our years of extensive experience in application development enables our clientís business processes to handle more volume, establish a collaborative environment, generate on-demand business intelligence, establish workflow controls and management, implement data-security, application-security, and compliance guidelines.

Track record of completing projects on time and budget
Roster of very satisfied clients representing large, medium and small enterprises across the globe
Experience of working in 100s of project providing strategic IT services and custom solution development
Neva Group provides multiple options for service engagement based on the business challenge, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), IT security policy and infrastructure needs
Multiple development centers providing various pricing models to suit your budget
Highly effective team of professionals with years of experience in the IT industry
Multiple Development
Application Testing
Quality Assurance
Software Option Evaluation
Application Enhancement / Maintenance

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