Turnkey Applications

Nevaroup's portfolio of turnkey solutions enables organizations to innovate faster at lower cost.

Web-based Services

Neva Group has considerable expertise and skills in transforming your e-commerce initiative including catalog management, inventory...

Custom Development

Neva Group's strategic technology and custom solutions that automate processes and unify business resources.

Domain EXPERTISE and SKILLS we bring to our customers


Leading Companies are our strategic partners resulting in seamless service delivery to our clients.


Big Blue requires no introduction. Neva Group has a long history with IBM as a member of IBM Partnerworld. Currently all our turnkey solutions are available in the IBM SaaS Platform.

Drupal Association

Our ongoing connection with Drupal Association, an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, has given us the opportunity to contribute to the Open Source community and has resulted in increased adoption of Drupal CMS by our client.


With the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, our relationship with Sun Microsystems transformed into partnering with Oracle for our enterprise customers with specific need for large database management and data analytics.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and our customers have leveraged the partnership with Salesforce to embrace cloud solutions and benefit from this business transformation.


Spherion Corporation is a leading recruiting and staffing company that provides integrated solutions to meet the evolving needs of companies and job candidates.

About us


Since we started our journey in 2000, Neva Group has built a record of leadership by delivering exceptional technology and web solutions. The journey so far has resulted in successful relationship with clients, small, medium or large; private, public, non-governmental agencies, multi-lateral institutions and government agencies. These relationships have resulted in our decision to introduce turnkey solutions in business processes that showed critical but niche demand; and our decision to establish few strategic partnerships.

We are proud to have had opportunity to work with our clients in North America, Asia and Europe and we are always open to work with new clients and bring our experience and skills to solve your unique challenges.

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