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Who we are

Since we started our journey in 2000, Neva Group has built a record of leadership by delivering exceptional technology and web solutions.

Over the years, Neva Group has built successful relationship with clients, small, medium or large; private, public, non-governmental agencies, multi-lateral institutions and government agencies. We have great experience in working with our clients in Europe, North America and Asia.

At Neva Group, every client has unique requirements and business objectives. Sometimes, we have entrepreneurs starting ventures with big ideas but with limited resources. Other times, we are working with clients possessing considerable resources but limited plan or understanding of new technology. In some instances our clients want to use bleeding-edge technology or implement a highly secured solution for users stationed in every corner of the world. No matter how complex or challenging the requirement, we take every client need, vision and preference seriously and try to shape a solution with our expertise and experience.

As a business organization, we do not measure our success just by measuring how fast we are growing our business every quarter or year. At Neva Group, we try our best to focus on growing along with our client and we are continuously asking ourselves "What is the return-on-investment (ROI) for our clients when they engage us? How did our effort made our clients competitive or effective?"

Business success is NOT a destination, for us business is a journey shared with our clients, team members and the community.

Our history

In 1997, our company opened its door as Zanthropa International Inc. In the beginning, we primarily provided services to law firms and legal institutions in the Washington DC Metro area. In 2000, Zanthropa was reorganized resulting in the beginning of Neva Group. During this time, we also established our first overseas office for offshore development and managed services team in New Delhi, India. Our other offices (sometimes in collaboration with local partners) and teams were added over the years.

Our expertise

In a nutshell, we love how technology solutions can transform businesses, community, and end-users. Our team members are seasoned professionals with in-depth experience in IT and business operations of the 21st century. Our technical experience includes creating solutions on platform offerings from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and the Open Source Community. We also specialize in Web 2.0 programming platform and managed solutions. We are active in the open-source community and we are conversant with developing solutions using open-source tools, servers and concepts. . For a complete list of our expertise, please see click here.

Due to rapid pace of change in technology and advent of new areas of technology innovation, e.g. IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain to name a few, we are continuously adapting to changing landscape. The changes may be exhausting or expensive, however for us it is exciting and challenging.

Our clients

Neva Group has a diverse group of clients that includes large, medium and small enterprises. We have been fortunate to work with clients from various industries. In the recent past, most of opportunities have been with multilateral institutions, non-profit organizations, government agencies, legal and telecommunications entities.

For a complete list, please see our client roster.

Our strength

Neva Group brings years of unique but broad experience in creating IT solutions and turnkey applications for our clients. Our team of highly effective professionals combine our IT and business process experience to deliver solutions within budget and timeline.

Neva Group gives same high-priority to every client and every project irrespective of the size of the client or project. Every client and every project is important to us.

Our business philosophy based on love for IT, business process understanding, attention to detail, and our reputation with our clients has resulted 80% repeat engagements from our existing client. We are proud of our record.

Track Record

  • High rate of client retention and repeat engagement
  • Suite of Turnkey Solutions
  • High Return-on-Investment for our clients
  • Effective and Professional Team
  • Full attention to Clients and Projects
  • Passion for IT and Business Processes
  • Extensive IT skill-sets

We are Ready to Help

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